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Hosting and Domain

Hosting, also known as web hosting or website hosting, refers to the space purchased on a server to store the information that will be displayed on the website.

Images, videos, files, emails, web pages, and other content have a specific size that occupies space on the web. It is important to purchase an adequate amount of storage to work on a website without issues, as insufficient space can hinder its development and affect its creation.

Having ample storage space is also crucial when uploading a large amount of content to the website, such as product or service catalogs that span across multiple categories on the site. It is a necessary investment directly linked to the creation and publication of a website.

A domain on the internet serves to give a unique name to your website. Each page has an identification known as an IP address, which is unique and unchangeable. Without domains, this IP address would be displayed in the URL (e.g.,

By accessing a domain, you uniquely name your website, which helps position it among people and directly associate it with your brand name. It is possible that the domain you wish to use has already been purchased by someone else or is in use at the moment, so it is necessary to consider different possibilities or variations when naming your page. It is recommended to choose something short, easy to remember, and that includes the brand name. You can also purchase multiple domains if necessary, in case you want to redirect several web addresses to your page.

With this tool, you will have:

Secure hosting for your website.

Unique and unchangeable IP address.

Multiple hosting functions.


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