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Service Packages

Below, you will find a detailed proposal for digital services to be applied , encompassing all aspects of the website's core web vitals, its SEO and SEM positioning, and areas for enhancing its ranking, positioning, and effective lead generation.

Digital Services

1. Content gap analysis (SEO + Google Ads Inputs )

  • Strategy based on our client’s online presence using data from both SEO and Google Ads.
  • We will identify areas where there is a gap between current content offerings and market demand and relevant keywords.
  • Create new and optimized content that caters to audience needs and enhances online performance

2. Strategy Implementation : 2.1. Google Ads (Paid Search Strategy)

keyword selection, crafting effective ads, campaign setup, and budget management.

  • Keyword research
  • Campaign structure
  • Ad creation and landing concordancy.

3. Website Optimization (Technical, content, and navigation)

  • Technical Optimization: We will ensure the website is error-free, loads quickly, and is optimized for mobile devices and search engines.
  • Navigation Optimization: We will work on the website’s structure and navigation to make it easy for users to find the information they seek

    4. Reporting 4.1. Reporting and follow up

    • Activities status follow up Weekly status report of online presence using data from both SEO and Google Ads.
    • Weekly status report of Google Campaigns
    • Weekly status report of Website Optimization
    • Monthly report with dashboard, analytics insights, impact balance and ROADS, Next Steps.
    • Weekly client – agency meetings

    Services SEO

    Website Analysis:

    • Thorough assessment of your site's
      current performance and identification of improvement areas.

    Competitive Analysis:

    • A strategic review of competitors’strengths and weaknesses to identify SEO opportunities for your website.

    Number of Keywords – 8 :

    • Selection of five targeted keywords critical to your niche and objectives.

    Website Audit:

    • Detailed inspection of your website to pinpoint SEO issues and technical improvements.

    Google Analytics Setup:

    • Configuration of Google Analytics to monitor and analyze website traffic and user behavior.

    Image Alt Tags:

    • Optimization of image descriptions to improve visibility and relevance in search results.

    Keywords Finalizing:

    • Refinement of keyword selection to ensure alignment with your content strategy and goals.

    Meta Tags Creation:

    • Crafting of meta titles and descriptions to improve click-through rates from search engine results pages.

    Article Submission:

    • Distribution of original articles to reputable platforms to boost your site’s authority.

    Blog Posting:

    • Regular posting of engaging and SEO-optimized blog content to attract and retain your audience

    Classified Submission:

    • Submission of advertisements to classified sites to help increase reach and link equity.

    Directory Submission:

    • Submission to relevant directories to improve local SEO and enhance discoverability.

    Forum Posting:

    • Participation in industry forums to increase brand visibility and create backlink opportunities.

    Link Building:

    • Establishment of high-quality and relevant backlinks to boost your site’s credibility and rankings.

    Local Marketing:

    • Targeted marketing efforts to capture the local audience and improve local search rankings.

    Image Submission:

    • Sharing optimized images on various platforms to increase engagement and support SEO.

    Press Release Submission:

    • Crafting and distribution of press releases to highlight significant company updates and news.

    Social Bookmarking:

    • Bookmarking your content on social platforms to enhance visibility and generate traffic.

    Social News:

    • Sharing newsworthy content on social platforms to engage users and encourage shares.

    Video Submission:

    • Creation and submission of videos to relevant platforms for increased engagement and backlink generation.

    Total Submissions:

    • Ensuring a comprehensive approach with a diverse range of submission activities.

    45 Monthly Back-links (including GBP posts):

    • Building a minimum of 45 back-links per month, including posts on Google Business Profile, to enhance your site’s authority.

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